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markwell On December - 4 - 2013
paracord keychain instructions

The most popular paracord keychain is not that hard to make. Let’s get to it and make one ourselves!

The square knot keychain, also refered to as the box knot keychain is probably the most sought after among  paracord keychain designs. It is multi-colored (if so desired), stores an ample amount of paracord and looks clean and well made. Because of it’s ability to hold a considerable amount of paracord it is well suited for survival situations, but because of its compact size, it can be brought along during every day carry as well.  Because of it’s versatility it truly is one of the must learn designs. I have already shown how to make a paracord zipper pull, but it is also worth noting, that the same, box knot technique can be used to make great looking zipper pulls that store a lot of cordage.

Because of the versatility of the knot it can be used for decorative as well as practical uses. A lanyard seems like an obvious choice for the box knot.

Before we begin our paracord keychain instructions you will need some paracord 550 (you can get some from Amazon), which you may decide to gut (remove the inner strands). It is not mandatory to do so, but if you wish, it gives the box knot keychain a different, more compact look. The other piece of gear you will need is a metal O-ring (available at Amazon).

Be sure to tighten the strands tightly and do not be afraid to adjust the knot during the making of the keychain. Make sure it looks consistent from the start to finish.

Paracord keychain instructions:

A video is also available here:



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