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markwell On March - 23 - 2014
paracord people

One of the most fun paracord projects is making paracord people. Relax with this easy project.

These paracord people, often named “paracord buddies” are a fun way to use up any scraps that you have lying around. They use up only little cord and can act as key fobs, key chains, pendants, zipper pulls, you name it.

The design I will show you how to make is one of the most iconic one. This project is a very fast one.

You will need the standard supplies of paracord 550, something to melt the cord with and a knife to cut  cord with.

How to make paracord people, the tutorial

We will make the “paracord buddy” in a few easy to follow steps. We will need two small pieces of paracord, one for the core- legs and head, the other for the torso and arms.

We start off by taking one piece of cord we will use for the core. We fold it in half and make a head using an overhand knot. We leave a little loop at the top we can use for a key ring. We do little overhands to act as feet at the very end of the cords.

We turn the core so that the head is facing towards us. Then we start a series of cobra knots up until we get the desired torso length. The ends that are lest act as arms. We make the same overhand we used to make feet. With that our paracord person is complete!

See the images below to get a better idea of the process.

The paracord people tutorial:



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